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Basics of Mixing Prints
To maximise your wardrobe by increasing your outfit combinations or if you are feeling adventurous, you’ve got to try mixing prints.
1. The easiest look to pull off is polka dots and stripes. If you’ve never mixed prints before, you should start with this combination. Make sure you keep at least one colour constant (black or white) to look put together and not come across as trying too hard.
2. The second look is a tartan skirt with a floral top. Again the red and black colours of the skirt are repeated in the top.
3. This look is perhaps a tad difficult to pull off. An animal print skirt with a plaid top, in this case a shirt. The colour scheme is not similar at all. Only go for this look if you are confident you could pull it off.
For those of you who want to take baby steps, try adding accessories in polka, stripes, animal print, tartan, plaid and floral in terms of handbags and shoes.