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Classic Bob Full

Classic Bobcloseup

Classic Bob half


Top: Mango www.shop.mango.com/IN/mango

Jacquard Skirt: M&S   http://global.marksandspencer.com/in

Shoes: Spice Girls

Clutch: Gifted

I chose to cut my hair after years of contemplating whether a short cut would frame my face better or being safe and sticking to my long hair. This time round, I didn’t have much of a choice. Three months after Jack was born, my hair begun falling out in clumps and was dry and lifeless. Besides, I didn’t have as much time as I did earlier to look after it. I walked into the parlour on a Sunday morning to just trim a few inches off my long hair, and what do you know, I’m talking to the stylist about cutting my hair short. Real short.

Originating in the 1920’s the bob haircut is now a classic with almost every celeb sporting it at one time or another and therefore keeping the look always on-trend. One of the reasons I chose the bob was due to my hairfall. The bob is perfect for one with fine hair as it can be layered to give the hair more volume.

I wouldn’t say the bob is easy maintenance as short hair needs to be styled every time you walk out the door. Some may beg to differ but mine always needs styling. Tying your hair up on a bad hair day isn’t an option either. Another major disadvantage is the time it would take for it to grow out and since the back of the hair is shorter than the sides, a trim will be a must during the process of growing it out.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I did something spontaneous for a change!