Essentials for a Boho-Chic Style


The Boho-Chic style is a combination of the hippie and bohemian style. Made famous by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, this fashion trend is huge for Spring/Summer 2015.

This style includes crocheted, floral, embroidered and kaftan tops paired with harem pants and denim or printed shorts. Long skirts, printed maxi’s, and floral play-suits teemed with gladiator sandals or tan boots. Accessories include fringe handbags, colourful scarves, feathered and beaded jewellery, head-bands, wide brimmed and fedora hats.

Earthy tones accentuated with pops of red, orange, green or any bright color work best. This is a relaxed look where the rule “less is more” goes out the window. If you’d like to start incoorperating this style into your look (like me) you could start small with just a handbag, a pair of sandals or jewellery.