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Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas
As Valentine’s Day nears, we all wonder what we ought to wear. Should I go with the red and pink colour scheme? Or does that sound too cliched? I’ve put together three ensembles from casual to trendy to demure. Take your pick.
1. On Valentine’s day, I almost never wear red. But if you do want to, go ahead but make sure your not head to toe in red.
The black and red dress has the perfect balance in terms of colour and is very demure. Ideal for dinner at a fine dining restaurant or a candle light dinner by the pool.
2. For a casual setting and if dresses aren’t your cup of tea, opt for a pair of black or navy trousers with a neutral peplum top. I’ve added a pair of blue pumps to add just the right amount of colour and kept the accessories to a very deep red.
3. If your feeling adventurous, opt for a printed pencil skirt and a bright colour like yellow. Keep accessories neutral.