Be it a holiday season, a business lunch, an evening party or a walk in the park, I like to look soignée. I am a budding fashionista who not only keeps pace with what is in vogue but also loves to go a step ahead and experiment with outfits and accessories. A conscious observer of fashion trends, I enjoy hopping around shopping hubs besides browsing the web and fashion magazines.

In my view, fashion is all about how you feel about yourself. Looking good goes a long way in feeling good as well. My unwavering love for all things vintage has further inspired me to mix vintage and contemporary pieces, keeping class and style intact. Inspired by legends and icons like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, I am a firm believer of “less is more”. Few outfits can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether you spend more or less, the key is confidence and the ability to focus on smaller details that make up the perfect ensemble.

Be it a bouffant, sleek ponytail, a dash of mascara, a metallic nail coat or a pretty little black dress and a chunky heel….it is important to spend that extra minute putting outfits together with appropriate accessories.

Classic Charmaine is all about capturing the right outfits and accessories that speak of timeless grace and elegance. ‘Elegantly simple’ is the focus of my blog. In addition to sharing my closet and style, the collections showcased here are an attempt to explain awesome ways to mix and match and put your best outfit forward. Surprisingly chic by keeping your individual style intact.




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