Shop with Charmaine

Does shopping for the right outfit seem tedious?

Closet full of clothes but still confused what to wear?

Getting dressed up in the mornings feels like a herculean task?

If these questions nag you often, perhaps it’s time you need someone to edit your wardrobe and help you select and assemble outfits that bring out the confident and authentically beautiful you, to the world around. As a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant, I can give you pointers on clothes, colour analysis and ideas on how to mix and match accessories.

Classic Charmaine provides you personalized services in styling your wardrobe besides helping you select and purchase the right outfits that need not cost a fortune yet leave a strong impression. Be it casual, formal or professional wear, all that matters is the right fit that complements ones physique.

From listening to your preferences to giving fresh ideas and accompanying you as a personal shopper to the best stores in Bangalore city, I will style your outfits that further help in enhancing your profile.

Keeping in pace with the trends, I will focus on the right hues and styles that bring out the best in you. The utmost priority is that you should feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. And once the essential factors are in place, getting dressed is simply a breeze.

If you would like me to be your fashion consultant, email me at or fill in your details below.


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